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Curriculum Vitae

David James Hall BA Hons Mdes RCA


1986-1988 Royal College of Art London
1983-1986 Manchester MET School of Art
1982-1983 Gamble Institute of Art

MDes RCA Royal College of Art London
BA Hons 2.1 Manchester MET School of Art

Professional Summary

Professor in charge of digital media Yonsei School of Communication and Art Korea
Professor in charge of digital media IDAS Hongik Korea
Kookmin University – Prof Digital architecture and process course
ChunBuk University – Prof Digital interaction design course
Gansam Architectural Partners – Contract Project work
Sky Television – Production Designer
BBC Television – Production Designer
Crown Bakery Korea – Concept Architecture
Odyssey theater project production design and new media

Production and Concept Designer Clients and Projects Include -
Chrysalis Television
Apple Computers
Channel 4 Television
SKY Television
BBC Television
MET Studios Architecture practice
True Brutality contemporary dance
Design Museum London

Partnership RAPIER DOVE Design Practice
During the five years of the practice our remit was to pursue projects with
a high degree of stylistic versatility. Clients and Projects Included
Channel 4 Television
BBC Television
Wire Television Network
Yacht Design/Naval Architecture - Middle and Far East Clients
PolyGram / Chrysalis
Pepsi chart show
Pepsi Superstars football
Interiors for Ministry of Sound

Delta Systems London
Andrew Wynch Naval Architects and Interiors London
Planet Design

Goldcrest Films London Concept Designer for goldcrest entertainment and future projects division.
The executed projects ranged from Virtual Reality systems to Disney world Florida Installations.
Oxford Scientific Films


2010 C.6 DaDa Fish - Corner Gallery Seoul 2010.05.10
2010 C.5 FFKKKKK - Corner Gallery Seoul 2010.04.17
2010 Seoul Fashion Week - Kim Young Joo Live Visuals 2010.04.01
2010 C.4 Function - Corner Gallery Seoul 2010.04.10
2010 C.3 Process - Corner Gallery Seoul 12-18 -2010
2009 C.2 Object 11 - Corner Gallery Seoul 19th Dec 2009 - 31 Dec 2009

2009 Bodies+Houses - InterartChannel Gallery Seoul
- 14th Dec 2009
- 14th Jan 20010

2009 Machine Dreams - SoongShill University Summer 2009

2009 Yongeun Gallery - Gwangju Gyoungguido
"Dialectical Circulation" Old media and New Media June - July

2008 "LightShot" performance Offoc Hongdae Seoul December
2007 RUN HUMAN TRIAD NEW MEDIA Gallery Seoul Korea
2006 MOBILE FEST Brazil Mobile Fest Sao Paulo Brazil
2005 DESIGN BIENALLE Kwangju Design Biennale, Korea
2005 MY NAME IS GAME Gana Gallery Insadong Korea
2005 ISRAEL PEACE EXPO Israel city center installation
2003 NEW MEDIA ART Gana Gallery Insadong Korea
1996 APPLE EXPO Apple Expo London


2009 SBS Broadcast interview 2009-12-11

2009 YTN Broadcast interview 2009-12-08
2007 Interiors Magazine Korea
2006 MOBILE FEST Brazil Mobile Fest Sao Paulo Brazil
2005 MY NAME IS GAME Gana Gallery Korea
2004 DESIGN NET Design Magazine Korea
2003 NEW MEDIA ART Gana Gallery Korea
1996 CREATIVE REVIEW Creative review future computing

Lectures - Units - Labs - Symposiums

2010 - Digital Architecture - Lif Conference Seoul - Presentation - May 18th 2010
2009 - Seoul Design Olympics - Olympic Stadium - Special Discussion - October 10th 2009
2009 - Institute of Media Content - Dankook University - Keynote - September 24th 2009
2009 - Kookmin University - USIC Competition - Jury - July 14th 2009
2009 - Hongik University - Meta Design Symposium - Keynote Speaker June 24th 2009
2009 - SoongShil University - Machine Dreams - Keynote speaker June 20th 2009
2008 KyungHee University - Lecture "Game Architecture" Autumn
2008 Soongshil University - Lecture "Interactive Architecture" Autumn
2008 Hongik University IDAS - Experimental Interaction Autumn
2008 Kookmin University - Fusion Design - Fetishism and Design Autumn
2008 Hongik University - Digital Architecture For Synthetic Spaces Autumn
2008 Kookmin University - Digital Architecture and Biomimicry Autumn
2006 Kookmin University - Digital architecture and process course
2005 ChunBuk University - Digital interaction design course
2004 Seoul City Architecture forum
2000 Central St Martins UK - Production design for the digital age
1998 University of Salford UK - Production Design for Digital Architecture Unit
1997 University of Salford UK - Production Design for Digital Architecture Unit

Present Research Areas

Interactive Architecture and synthetic digital space development
Experimental architectural process and construction
Procedural and generative algorithmic process
Wearable technologies and social relationships
Production design for new connected digital environments
Audio kite for mobile telecommunications system
Immersive interactive device for Osaka aquarium

Technical Experience

SOFTWARE ( VISUAL ) - Autodesk MAYA / Adobe Photoshop / Freehand / Zbrush / Unreal Engine / Crytek Sandbox / Zcorp ZPrint / Flash / Second Life / Pylgrim

PROGRAMMING - VVVV / Max Msp/ Unreal Engine

POST PRODUCTION - Flame / Henry / Harry / Premiere / After Effects

SOFTWARE ( AUDIO ) - Cubase VST 24 / Cubase SX / Reakto 5 / Kontakt /

FILM - 16mm and Super 16 mm Camera OP ( Aaton and Arriflex )
Experience as a Cam OP and DOP.( Available light, Studio and Location )
Digi Beta and Mini DV

THEATRE – Over fifteen years experience as a production designer for fringe theatre and contempary dance company’s. Also as a lighting designer / sound designer and performance related mechanicals, installations and costumes.

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE – Over the past 5 years I have been developing algorithmic development process in conjunction with stereo lithography and 3D printing technologies.
Also in conjunction to this I have been experimenting with interaction, game engines and electronics within the realm of media, architecture and entertainment.

Academic Objective

The primary aim of my classes is to explore new forms of visual media by colliding disparate approaches and disciplines in an effort to define the aesthetics of new and next generation technology.

In my physical media class for example we are graphically visualizing new structures by experimenting with the intersection of sound, generative images and synthetic space to envisage hitherto unexplored realms. The secondary goal of which is to experiment with the “surface” linked to interactivity and telepresence. As part of this class all students build working prototypes of their concepts in a process known as “ design by making”, this way encourages the artist or designer to take a practical approach to research and analysis while allowing for analogue accident and spontaneity to encourage new approaches.

The motion graphic class is a class which takes the building blocks of motion (the animation or motion curve) and extrapolates them and their complexity to determine and play with time and image compositions. As graphical consumption technology shifts and changes it is important to explore new time based graphics for new delivery systems. The end of television and cinema and the beginning of mobile systems, real-time, interaction and beyond.